Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm nosy.

Warning! iPhone App! iPhone App!

I thought this was cool.

It's a webcam app that has dozens and dozens of cams but the fact that they are so varied and work so well is what I like about it. You can choose to see random cams, cities, attractions, people .. and a bunch of other categories. You can save the ones that interest you as favorites, and since there are cams all over the world - there is always something to see.

Question though, do you think even a fraction of these people have even an inkling they are being watched?

Hmm-m-m ...



It's called "LIVE CAMS"



Lady Banana said...

Ohh I might have a look at this one!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

That's interesting !
I didn't know they had it on Iphone.I have seen it on internet just about anywhere you want to see and then some.

fashion jewellry said...

This is interesting, I like watching the earth cam in new york times square. Had no idea there were many more web cams!

JenK said...

Ummm... cool but scary. Very scary. I hate thinking I'm being watched all the time.