Friday, July 16, 2010

Dodged a bullet again.


I hoping to getting back to my normal boring fare now, since Mom is back at the nursing home and well again. Relatively speaking. No angiogram, meds will do. AND she was put right back in the same room with the same roommate which is HUGE. Her roommate is a lovely woman from a big Italian family with lots of kids and grandkids. They are all friendly and fun and include my mom when they are visiting. No one would ever call my mom gregarious so all the family coming and going is a very good thing.

My brother flew into town the day Mom was leaving the hospital, and while the advisability of surprising an 82 year old woman with a heart condition can be questioned, I would have loved to see my mom's face when my brother unexpectedly walked into her hospital room. She was very surprised, and very happy to see him. Nice! Saying good bye the next day was hard for him, because I know he was thinking it may be the last time he sees her alive. That's tough, especially since he blames himself for the need for her to leave his home. He. Did. Not. Fail her! But yeah, tell HIM that.

Plus, I got word today that my Mom's brother, her older brother - is coming to see her in 2 weeks. Sounds like he will just be passing through but still, I imagine she never thought she would see him again. We all live in different states!!! I'm hoping the visit will do her good, lift her spirits and all that.

Mom did ask me to find a nice funeral home around here today. She has it all prepaid but we have to transfer it from another state. I told her I will check into it but she has to assure me she won't be using it for quite a while.

I mean, I know she's the one who is ill, whose health is stable one day and in free fall the next. But I really need some smooth sailing for a little while. Work has been uber stressful and being there for my mom extracts it's pound of flesh as well. I need an itty bitty rest. Please?

Oh, and would you look at that bruise? The paramedics had trouble getting a vein. I'll say!!


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

BettyJo I am so sorry, you totally have my sympathy.I know what your going through,it takes shavings off your life every day....its hard and it hurts.
Enjoy her while you have her,wish I still had my Mom even tho she was a royal high maintenance pain.But she was mine !
Get some rest.

Anonymous said...

So glad she is doing better. Enjoy the down time while you can and we will all keep hoping that it last for a while. Take care of yourself too. She will need you.

MsCatMinder said...

Tough Times BetteJo . It seems to be take one day at a time is the only way to get by ... xxx

The Beading Gem said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your family. And yes, that bruise is huge! I've never seen one that size. Poor dear.

Teena in Toronto said...

I hope your mom has lots of good days.

It must have been a nice surprise for your brother to visit your mom.

That's quite a bruise!

Karen said...

Oh, I can certainly relate to that huge bruise from the paramedics. I have one myself from my adventure on Saturday. Besides the fact that I have hard to find veins, they waited until after the ambulance was moving to try to start the IV. Result: a huge bruise on my hand.

I certainly hope you have some quite days.

thotlady said...

OMG, look at how big that bruise is.

It takes a toll emotionally and physically. I don' think some people realize just how stressful taking care of an elderly parent is.

Hang in there.