Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't ya just love it ...

Don't you just love posts that start with an apology? Yeah well here's another one. I am still alive. I do still want to keep posting on my blog. But apparently I have a one track mind and once I get involved in something I cannot shift gears and get back to what I was originally doing.

My apology is not so much for not posting, it's for not reading your blogs. I have watched my reader climb up to almost 500 posts - hell - Stimey even has 9 - and I usually try not to miss any of hers because with 3 little boys, you never know what you might miss if you skip a day.

But once the days started adding up it was easier to immerse myself in the other stuff I have been doing and ignore the the rising numbers. Sigh-h-h.
So my apology is, I am sorry that I have not been around to your blogs and I am also sorry that I am not going to get to them yet. Simply can't do it right now. But - I WANT to do it so I am going to make it a point to get back to reading this weekend. There is no way to read, much less comment on every post but I will concentrate on the most recent posts before I .. uh .. zero out my reader. I'm sorry! See me groveling?

Besides reading blogs this weekend I will also try to get a real post of mine up, that isn't an apology. It's not like it hasn't snowed here, or my cats haven't been cute and funny, or my adjusting to diabetes hasn't been worth talking about. So now I have to be like Nike and just do it. Really. I will.



Mahala said...


Stimey said...

No apology necessary. I know exactly how hard it is to read everybody all the time. And once that reader gets up to 500, it's really daunting.

All you've missed in Stimeyland is snow. And more snow. And then a little bit more snow.

Did I mention that it snowed?

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Ha your cute!

Lara said...

You haven't missed anything from me, because I've been way too busy to blog anyway. I feel like apologizing on my blog ALL THE TIME for my lack of posting. But what can you do, except just keep going, right? :)

The Beading Gem said...

500? My reader says my backlog is in the 1000+! There is no need to apologise. Love the polar bear pix.

Barbara said...

That's one of the reasons I don't put my favorites on a reader - too much pressure! I catch up when I can. Cut yourself some slack!

Lady Banana said...

My reader is saying 1000+ so you have nothing to worry about!