Friday, November 27, 2009

Pants optional

Well it was a lovely Thanksgiving. Cooking, not cooking, burning myself and shooing cats off the doggone table. Brandishing a knife didn't matter at all. It was just me, my Mom, and my son Andy. We ate turkey and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and ... oh ... halfway through dinner I had a thought and asked "Andy, are you wearing pants?" I saw the corner of his mouth curl up just a bit - no reply other than "um..."

Yeah. My son came to the Thanksgiving table in his boxers. And I didn't notice. I guess that's just the way we roll.

[Insert picture here of me shaking my head.]

What are you gonna do?


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

LOL !!
Men are like that,unless you specify clothing or what kind of clothing they will wear pretty much what ever they are in at the moment.
Altho I must say I never had one show up at the table in his boxers before with my Mom sitting there.

Stimey said...

Honestly, if you can't spend a nice holiday sans pants, I don't want life is for.

Alex has been known to do the same.

Jayne (founder of mother wear clothing) said...

Nice blog happy thanks giving !

Teena in Toronto said...

Our Thanksgiving was last month and it was yummy. We both wore pants :)

The Beading Gem said...

Now that is the most relaxed Thanksgiving dinner I've heard about!

Shaiha said...

That is just too funny. And it is a credit to you that your home is so relaxing.