Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Other people's stories

One of my co-workers had a conference call the other day, and during the call the subject of out-sourcing came up. One of the people who was on the call (paying attention - this is story in 3rd person-ish) said they knew somebody (4th) who worked for a big phone company (may or may not be AT&T) and lost their job due to outsourcing. Well then - one of the guys (5th) from the company (may or may not be AT&T) wanted to pay a visit to India to see the office and the setup and see how things were going.

And - he walked into an empty office. Apparently the Indian workers had out-sourced their jobs! So, a U.S. company fires some workers to out-source to a different country where essentially they can be paid less, save money, yada yada yada. They were pretty good at hiring some smart people - smart enough to say hey - I can pay some other guys over here half of what I'm getting and I can go do something else! So it is rumored that this company is now bringing those jobs back here.

Here. Where they should have been to begin with.

Another co-workers story, we have divorced parents, and 2 kids. Teenage girl lives at Dads house a lot of the time and is always in need of money as teenage girls usually are. Losing her job to a text firing (I know, right?) she especially needed some money so she went to her dad. He said su
re - clean up the back yard and I'll give you some money.

She went out there and started cleaning up the yard, raking and the like when she came across a nasty dirty pair of - HER panties! THONG panties! EXPENSIVE Vickies Secret THONG PANTIES! In the yard! A few other pairs landed in the pile of leaves and the story became clear.
Said teenage girl seemed to be missing panties but kind of shrugged her shoulders - socks get lost in the dryer right? Her panties must have been going the way of the socks. But no, finding them uh . . soiled . . in the manner they were in the yard - or so the story goes - it was the dog. The dog was eating the panties. And somehow the damn dog not only ate them - but was able to pass them too! So this teenage girl was making money cleaning up her own nasty gastrointestinally soiled panties in the yard!

And I'm thinking - if she's going to be letting her panties go that easily, Mom better start buying her cheap big girl panties and maybe they won't be as attractive or as easily digested by the dog!


ImAlwaysRight said...

Wow what a great blog, how come I never saw this before? I love it.. I'm be back often

Bev's Jewelry said...

The phrase "Where do you get this stuff?" comes to mind. I never had such interesting co-workers. Oh yes, I did really. The word "Soap Opera" was often used. However, not like these.