Monday, May 25, 2009

Okay, call me a sap.

I feel bad after watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. It was so obvious how far apart Jon and Kate are, for whatever reason. It seems what it comes down to is Kate wants to continue the show because it provides for the family. And Jon on the other hand, doesn't want to do it anymore because he doesn't like the stuff attached to becoming a celebrity.

It's sad to see any family break apart and I hope this one isn't heading there - as much as it looks like it. I don't know if Jon is having an affair, not my business. Or Kate - with her bodyguard? Puh-lease. I am not privy to whether or not Kate has gone from "Mom to Monster" as some of the tabloids are reporting. I just know I was sucked in when the show started, I love watching the kids - all 8 of them, and how their parents handle life with all that entails. I don't want to see it all fall apart.

I just keep remembering the evening my ex and I sat our kids down to tell them we were getting a divorce. I still count it as one of the worst, if not THE worst day of my life. That's where my feelings lie regarding this family. I hope they don't end up there. Sad.



The Beading Gem said...

I've not seen the show but I have to wonder why some people are willing to air their private lives on tv. Sure, the money is good but at what cost?

LadyBanana said...

Hmmm I'm guessing this is a TV show, not one I've heard of over here..

Bev's Jewelry said...

Funny how a TV show that I had never heard about suddenly pops up all over the place. Morning shows, blogs etc. Sure sounds sad and darn TV to let it happen. Even if they were in it for the money, I'm sure they had no idea what the final outcome would be.

BetteJo said...

I think in the beginning - the money was good - diapers for that many babies are expensive. Now they have the material things and will be able to send every one of those kids to college, but they are probably losing their marriage.

Yes Lady B, an American show, somehow I'm afraid it's a very American tragedy.

Bev - I've watched it for a couple of years and watching those babies grow and develop - it just breaks my heart to imagine those little kids trying to fathom what it all means.

Teena in Toronto said...

It's got to be hard telling the kids.

I never heard of these two until recently.

Tricia McWhorter said...

My daughter turned me on to the show about a year ago. She's totally into babies and little kids and she just fell in love with this family. So, what with re-runs, I've probably seen every episode and I agree with you. I hate to see this family imploding.

Heather "Hev" said...

I have never seen the show - but I assume when they started it was a wonderful way to earn a living to raise a huge family.

Must be horrible not being able to blow your nose in public without someone summising something or other.

Lets just hope it all sorts itself out and the kids arent scarred for life!

ByJane said...

I've decided that I'm suspicious of people who DON'T feel sad at the Gosselins situation. That holier than thou attitude--I always wonder what it's hiding.