Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FTD? Anybody? Comments?

My mom will be 81 years old next month. For Mother's Day I ordered something called a "Dishgarden" from FTD to be delivered to her. When I spoke to her that day, she thanked me for the flowers.

*blink blink*

At first I thought she was getting what I sent her confused with something one of my siblings had sent to her. She tends to mix some of those things up. But no. Turns out FTD sent her cut flowers, even as they printed out my card which said "You always did like to have plants around. Happy Mother's Day Mom! Enjoy your day." Ahem.

I emailed. After all, a plant lasts a bit longer than cut flowers, unless of course it's at my house. I tend to kill them. And it wasn't like they sent her tulips when I ordered daffodils. Plant. Living. Cut flowers. Dying. See? Big difference. If it were for me - it might be different. I tend to be quite patient and understanding when it comes to things I buy for me. But it was a gift. Intended for a specific day.

I received 2 apologies via email, and 1 telephone message besides. They promised to send the plant out as they were supposed to originally, so I waited. Called my mom yesterday and she told me she had received the plant. She was happy with it, it was nice. Had flowers in amongst the leaves. Like it was supposed to. I was pleased with the news until she said "I just wish he hadn't asked for the other one back. The vase was pretty. It had tulips on it."


At first I thought my 81 year old mom (who happens to fall down a lot) took her little rollinator and went and got just the vase and handed it over. But no, there were actually some flowers left in the vase! And he took the vase, the flowers, and the bow attached as well. Nice.

I sent them another email. I cannot imagine what they will do now. Can you imagine?? Asking for the original order back when it was their error?? Talk about separating themselves from the competition! And not in a good way. Sheesh!!

I'll let you know what happens.



The Beading Gem said...

Mistakes do happen. But to compound it by poor customer relations is astoundingly shortsighted! Bad press spreads faster than good for sure.

BetteJo said...

If they had simply corrected their error and not asked for the original order back - I wouldn't even be writing about it. Gr-r-r.

Robin Marie said...

Haha. My roommate during the first month I was here in BsAs turned 21 while we were living together. I woke up and found two dozen red roses and a love note in Russian at the door. They were for her, and the phone # on the slip was her boyfriend's. She totally freaked out, because they'd only been together a short time and she thought it was a bit much that he'd sent her 2 dozen roses all the way in Argentina. She called her guy and they had a really awkward conversation because she was feeling uncomfortable. Turns out he had ordered a modest 3 roses, and written his note in English (as neither of them speak Russian.)

Flower companies crack me up. That said, I would kick FTD in the customer service face. Taking flowers away from a customer? WTH?

Bev's Jewelry said...

I really wonder what they were going to do with the tulips they took back?
I'm sure those vases are very expensive. NOT! I have a collection I would share with them if they are that hard up.
A good lesson in Customer SERVICE.

Joy Keaton said...

FTD is the WORST! I sent 'flowering plants' (opting for the extra large) to my friend for his birthday. With a balloon... because, why not? Supposedly they were being delivered ON his birthday. I found out the day after his birthday that they could not deliver them and did I still want them to do so? WHAT?!! So after much phone tag - where I spoke to nobody, because their 'customer service' disconnected me every time - they finally sent some cut flowers. Oh, and a balloon. I am absolutely disgusted with their service and will never, ever use them again. I tell everyone to avoid them. I'm sorry they spoiled your gift for your mom.

BetteJo said...

Yeah - they're kind of on my crap list too now.

Susannah said...

They need to be sending your sweet Mama a HUGE order of tulips w/ vase & bow, & box of candy & a shoe shine for what they did. Inexcusable...

Please keep us updated...

Hang in there, BetteJo.

Heather "Hev" said...

The mind boggles doesnt it????

Wonder if they tried to resell the undead flowers????

Shaiha said...

Oh I would be pitching a major b*tch. It was their error in the first place and to compound it by asking for the flowers that they sent in error the first place...eeek