Monday, September 15, 2008

. . . survey says. . .!!!

I have decided what I am going to do with my hair. I know people have been waiting on the edge of their seats for this revelation. It's really not anything exciting. I wish I could say I'm going to dye it candy apple red (which I've done accidentally) with splashes of blonde throughout, but truth be told - I don't have the energy to deal with that.

My decision is really a compromise. Several people liked the idea of letting it go natural, and others liked the idea of color but not a straight all-over single color. I appreciate the opinions and they actually did help me decide to go back to a sneaky trick I developed a year ago or so. Yeah, cause I invented this - uh huh! No one else has ever done it, I'm sure.

I found that my gray was coming through the color to a certain degree anyway - 3 or 4 weeks after coloring it, and I kind of liked it. So I started coloring my hair every 4 weeks or so, but I only left the stuff on for less than 10 minutes probably. I did the roots and got them covered really well, when that was done I would work it through the rest of my hair and then rinse it out. No sitting around with it on my head. Never had that 'look I just colored my hair it will fade a bit in a week' look, and the gray came through enough to give me those natural highlights. It allowed me to keep some color but to have some really nice gray streaking that I liked.

The sneaky part? It looked more natural than if it was all gray or all one color!

Not really for someone with long hair, but for short hair - it's great!

Oh and Joy - God bless you - but I have not grayed prematurely. Honestly, until I let it go gray last year (or was that earlier this year?) I didn't know what color my hair really was! Growing up it was blond, then kind of a dirty blonde. In high school I used "Sun-In" remember that? I had perms for a while which lightened my hair, and I started coloring it in earnest in my early 30's when I thought my hair was just plain dull. What a surprise to find out just how much gray there was! AND that my natural hair color was more brown than blonde at that point. I wasn't upset or disappointed, I actually thought it was kind of cool, thinking that I may get quite a bit of white someday, like my mom.

And really, now that my daughter has cut her hair so short, I owe it to her to let her be the young one. I need to do something so people will know I'm her mother and not her sister!!!

*cough cough*

Cause I'm generous like that. * :)


The Beading Gem said...

Now why didn't I think of that? Your clever solution does make for more natural looking dyed hair. Maybe you can patent it? LOL!

nutmeg said...

Are you kidding me? Sister all the way Girl!

LadyBanana said...

I'm so tired of dyeing but not sure if I dare to go grey in any way..

But your idea sounds good :)

Anonymous said...

What about that drapes and carpet thing?

Amanda said...

Sounds awesome! If I were to try and dye it myself I know I would get sidetracked and fry my scalp leaving the stuff on for several hours.

Joy Keaton said...

SUN IN? Are you kidding me? That was my first foray into the fabulous world of hair color! (It was the only way I could get away with it: it's not DYE MOM, it's 'highlighter' lol)

I think your hair plan is a great one. (and I have no idea what my 'real' color is either!)