Monday, May 26, 2008


I am horribly dependent on my computer. Attached would not even begin to cover it. The last couple of days I have been getting errors of impending doom, a few blue screen of death errors and today, well, I am posting from my daughter's computer. Hi Dani! She is not home.

Today apparently I have no bootable devices. Sigh-h-h. So, if I am not visiting or commenting or even posting as much as usual, that would be why.

Oh and then - right after my laptop took a dump I went into the kitchen to throw something in the garbage and saw these black splotches on the floor. I had to get my glasses to see the splotches were ants. Freaking ants! Not very bright ants either. This house is on a slab and when we get a lot of rain like we did last night the ants decide that INSIDE is where they need to get out of the rain. So there was a trail of ants from the side door to in front of the garbage cabinet. They were all milling around a crumb or 2 not 3 feet away from cat food left over from kitty breakfast. ??? Fighting over crumbs while a veritable ant feast sat a few feet away.

The ants picked a bad time to mess with me. They are all very dead, the kitty food is in the garbage and my computer sits abandoned. Sounds like a really good time to take a nap.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day without any ants or dead boot devices!


MsCatCalls said...

" Right after my laptop took a dump " now there s a phrase you wouldnt see in Uk ..... Ive been giggling for five minutes over that one ... terrific !
I do recall ants though from when we stayed with my friend in Philadelphia ... they took over the upstairs bathroom in seconds , scary .... hope you enjoyed your snooze though . I fell asleep for a couple of hours today , Alice on top of me , brought on a nightmare ! Sleep is the answer to everything .

The Beading Gem said...

Yep, I would be in withdrawal myself after a day like that. Hope the laptop comes back from the computer dr soon and the ants don't come back.

BetteJo said...

No actual nap today, but my family uses naps for everything. Very useful.

I didn't allow myself much withdrawal time, did I? I can be the impatient type. :)