Friday, May 9, 2008


Haven’t been here lately, have I? And there is no particular reason either. I just haven’t felt like it and that’s strange for me. But there it is.

My reader got up to well over 250 posts at one point, so I did go in and read some, but not many. And I read them through my reader so while it may appear I haven’t been visiting any of you – in some cases I have. It’s so strange that there is guilt attached to that.

I remember reading someone’s post one day about how she had gone in and zeroed out her Google reader. Just clicked and marked all the posts as read. I can’t do that. So it may be a while before I comment anywhere because I will be pretty much only reading. It’s amusing to me that I can’t NOT read all the posts. I am afraid I might miss something.

*blink* *blink*

My son and I have been car pooling this week because his car is in the shop. His brand new, less than three month old car is being repaired. Because the boy hit a deer. I feel so bad for him because his last car simply died one day without so much as a death rattle to warn him. He decided to buy a new car, his first, and then this happens.

I will be forever grateful that Andy was not hurt because he certainly could have been. I am also grateful that he was able to drive the 2 hours he still had to get home, and that his insurance was up to date. The estimate for the damage was over $4000.00. With his insurance – he only has to pay $100.00 and the insurance company has been exceptionally helpful and cooperative. But holy cow, he was pretty heartbroken about it when it happened.

Can’t blame him one bit. I am a bit heartbroken for him.

Speaking of heartbreak, (such a segue) my daughter comes home from school this weekend for the summer. And helping her bring her belongings home is the “new boy”. I wondered why Dani hadn’t commented on the birthday post I did for her in February until I realized it was probably because I had posted a picture of her and her boyfriend and they were well on their way to breaking up at that point. Oops. I didn’t know.

Truly though, it was traumatic for her in the sense that she had to make a decision to let go of something she thought she would always have and that’s never easy and pretty scary. I hated to see her cry and go through the emotions of breaking it off with her first love. I was a bit heartbroken for her too. But she is okay and so is he.

So now there is a new boy. And I get to meet him on Mother’s Day. Me and my 4 cats, and he is allergic. Heh.

I will try to get caught up in my reading and hopefully start commenting again. Maybe I will find some inspiration for posting in my day to day ordinary life.

But I simply feel like I got nothin’. And I don’t know why.


MsCatCalls said...

So good to see you back Bettejo you are such a miss ! I hope you are really ok it doesnt seem like you not to be posting but sometimes it just isnt right . I reckoned you must be getting on with living . Enjoy it whatever . But it IS good to see you back

The Beading Gem said...

I've missed you! I thought you were on holiday and was envying you like crazy. Still it's good to have you back. Had to chuckle at the irony of your daughter's new boyfriend's allergy!

Amanda said...

Don't fret, as I told Lara once, go live for a while. We all have to take breaks...but lordy do I love knowing you still come by my place ;)

BetteJo said...

Shelagh - It's nice to be missed - I'm looking forward to catching up on what's been going on with you! Hope Alice and the kitties are good.

Pearl - I didn't mean to be mysterious, I sure wish I HAD been on vacation! Nope. Just work and home and the ordinary stuff of life. I think I've always been an ebb and flow kind of gal. :)

Amanda - watching your pregnancy from the dip-stick on - I couldn't have stayed away. I'm still in awe of your life! :)

Pawhealer said...

Its hard to always be "on"....its all good....

LadyBanana said...

We all go through patches of non inspiration... just hope they don't last too long..

Good to see you back now though :)

Joy Keaton said...

Been in the same boat more than once. It happens. No worries. When the mood returns, you write. You read. In the meantime, prep those kitties for tomorrow! :)

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Yay, then you haven't noticed that I've been gone from cyberspace as well, which makes me feel better, hehe.

To be honest, taking a break from blogging and keeping up with other people's blogs is harder than not drinking. At least to me, but I'm kind of an odd bird. But I'm back now I guess LOL

BetteJo said...

I am relieved to see that other people were gone while I was, less to catch up on - cause I want to read it all!

dbu said...


For the record, i never for one moment saw myself as "always having" my relationship with boy x...