Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time marches on

I didn’t read a single blog today. I feel like I should look around furtively and whisper that. Sh-h-h-h…

I’m really not sure what I was doing but obviously it was something else. Maybe because I have a few days off work coming, I know I can sit down and catch up. Because by now? I am sure my reader is up into the hundreds.

Monday is my birthday. I am not mentioning that to get birthday wishes, although gifts are always welcome. But – I usually take my birthday off work every year and this year I decided to make an extra long weekend out of it. I am taking Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. A nice 5 day weekend. Lovely!

The birthday? I am going to be thirty nineteen. Or as I am more apt to say – forty-freaking-nine years old!!!!! What happened? When did that happen, and how? I don’t FEEL like forty-freaking-nine years old.

I’ve heard that fifty is the new forty, so if that follows – does that mean I am really still in my thirties? Maybe I should stick with that.

I feel better. How about you?


Honeysuckle Rose said...

I do feel better actually ... I haven't read any of my blogs for almost a week! I am having terrible bloggery DTs

Day Dreamer said...

I feel okay bout turning 40 this year. I think. But I'm sick today, thanks for asking!

Happy birthday, anyway! LOL

You deserve time off from work and a little break!


Jessica said...

Well...I haven't posted a THING on my blog since...March, don't feel so bad :)

Dixie said...

I turned 34. But if you were to ask me how old I felt, I'd say mid-20's. If you asked me how old I act, I'd have to say teens.

Honestly, it's more about how you feel. Numbers are just numbers. At least that is what I've started telling myself. So far its working for me.

And have a beautiful Birthday!!

Stimey said...

Happy Birthday!

I also have fallen behind on reading blogs. When I opened up my reader, I had 102 in there.

I wish I had a five day weekend coming up. It's great that you do that for yourself!

Gemheaven said...

I've been so bad trying to catch up on my blogs I never seem to be able to get past the A's lol!!

Happy Birthday for Monday my friend :)

LadyBanana said...

Well, I hit the big 50 in January, a real biggie! But apart from the recent aches and pains I still feel in my 20's.. (sometimes mentally about 14..LOL)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

Jewellery Craft said...

Big happy birthday!

I'm not far behind family keep telling me its time to grow up, never sure whether its a compliment or not........


The Beading Gem said...

You're only as old as you think you are! So think young! Happy Birthday. And enjoy every moment of your long weekend.

Pawhealer said...

It doesn't get any easier, I can tell you that!

On that note, I hope our enjoying your weekend.

I'm jealous!

BetteJo said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, it's nice to be commiserated with. I don't know. Seems the ankles and toes go snap crackle pop as I walk across the room these days - but my head keeps saying - where has all the time gone? I feel more like I'm oh - early 30's maybe. Ah well, you can't stop it!

And .. I actually just now finished reading and got my Google reader down to ZERO. Amazing!!!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Why is it that 30 is ancient until you get there?! And 40, and 50, and so on. I'll be 45 this year, and it's a pretty icky thought to me, but I think I'll survive.