Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bright ideas abound!

I was going to say that we all have times when we do things that are completely stupid but at the time we are doing them, they seem perfectly logical.

But maybe it’s just me.

At work one day a co-worker and I were trying to figure something out – I have no memory at this point of what it was. But since our jobs had to do with trouble-shooting in the I.T. sense, I am sure we were trying to duplicate a problem a client was experiencing.

I’m not dodging when I say I can’t remember which one of us came up with the really great idea because it was a long time ago and we have laughed about it since because whichever one of us thought of it – we both thought it would help us prove – whatever the heck we were trying to prove. We both thought it was a great idea!

We (one of us) said “let’s fax it to ourselves!” We (one of us) grabbed a document and we both raced over the fax machine expecting to be able to finally figure out whatever the problem was. We (one of us) placed the document into the tray to feed into the fax machine. We were practically spraining our arms patting ourselves on the back for being so clever in figuring out a way to solve our problem.

I don’t think we got to the part where we actually punched in the number of the fax machine – we were trying to fax FROM – before we realized what we were trying to do.

Generally faxing to the machine you are faxing from – uh – will not work. But for a couple of minutes it seemed perfectly logical and the answer to the problem we had been working on. I mean, for a minute there we thought we were the best trouble-shooters out there and that we were certainly smarter than the average bear. We always prided ourselves on thinking outside the box!

Er, nope. I think we laughed until we cried.

Last night here at home, I was finally able to achieve access to my company’s network through my work laptop, something I had signed away my first born for and promised undying loyalty to the corporation for the better part of the rest of my life – to receive permission to do.

I was excited – I was able to pull up and access the different systems I use at the office, check my email, all of the things crazy workaholic people do at home. I sent my BF an email and said “guess what I finally got?!” Meaning - this way cool VPN access. He answered me, and I started typing back.

After I had typed a fairly lengthy reply I was like “oops, I’m forgetting which laptop I’m on!” I decided that what I was typing wasn’t something I really wanted to send from my work email, but I also didn’t want to lose all I had typed.

Are you ahead of me here? You know what I did, don’t you?

I carefully “cut” before I deleted the email. I moved over to my home laptop, pulled up a new email, addressed it, put something in the subject line, and clicked on the body. Then – I clicked on paste. I must have done it something like 5 times. Paste. Gr-r-r… try again. Paste. Click. Click!!! What the …?

Yeah. Cutting from one computer and trying to paste into a different one – heh – doesn’t work.

But – it seemed so logical at the time!

Does anyone want to tell me that I’m not the only one who does things like that?

*Blink Blink*

It IS just me, isn’t it?


Robin Marie said...

I have to say, your story may take the cake, but it is NOT just you!

My current house mate and I were trying to figure out what rent would be on an apartment we were looking at. We spent five minutes trying to multiply $385 by 3, then divide it by 3. We got stuck on the dividing bit. Yea... Luckily one of lost our phone connection, so we didn't have to be together when we realized our idiocy.

You're not alone!

Stimey said...

I know I have done things like this. And while you're doing it, it seems so clever. And then when you figure out what a doofus you are, it seems so ridiculous. (Not that I'm calling you a doofus or anything.)

Lara said...

i'm annoyed that i can't think of any examples right now, but i'm sure i've done this too. as i was reading, i was like, "aaah! i've SO done that!" :-P

The Beading Gem said...

I remember the time I carefully noted the position of the car in the mall parking lot so I could locate it after doing my shopping. Imagine my panic when I found the car missing. I almost called the police until I realised I had exited the mall on the OTHER side!

Catherine said...

Oh, you've made my day!!!!!

Jewellery Craft said...

Absolutely, made my day too!!!! I'm not alone!!!! This from the woman who spent half an hour searching for car keys I was holding in my hand!


BetteJo said...

Or looked for your glasses when they're on top of your head? I've done that too.

LadyBanana said...

hehehe.. you are so not alone.. we all do these things but don't always wish to own up to them immediately! LOL

Day Dreamer said...

Bettejo- We are related. I'm convinced of that now! LMAO! Thanks, you may have no idea how much I needed that today!


Gemheaven said...


Its just the sort of thing I do every single day - looks like a lot of us are holding your hand lol

BetteJo said...

It still amazes me the leaps my mind takes sometimes ... to totally illogical thoughts and acts. At least I'm not alone. :)

Pawhealer said...

Too funny...I'm afraid to admit I do thinks like that all the time...technical back ground and all.

i thought you were going to tell us that you sent your bf e-mail to the entire work that might have been a probem.

Lindley said...

I did the exact same thing the other day - copied from my work laptop and pasted on my desktop! I'm glad it's not just me. ;)

BetteJo said...

Did it work for you? :) :) :)