Friday, March 30, 2007

Crazy cat lady, am I?

Sitting here with one cat on my lap who is looking suspiciously at the other cat next to me on the couch, it occurs to me that blogging and selling jewelry online are activities I should have started years ago. Not because I find I am a natural - but because I would have been younger and maybe I would have been a natural.

At this point in my life as I am typing I am very aware that once this goes out on the web - anyone can read it and I have to ask myself - "why would anyone want to?" I mean really, I am the mother of 2 grown kids - although not quite moved out yet - more than a couple pounds overweight and facing menopause. I work 8 hours a day, come home, work on my new website, bead, or watch TV and then go to bed. I never quite get my house clean enough and never quite have enough energy to do anything out of the ordinary.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not pathetic or sad and lonely - far from it! Besides the fact that I still don't have the financial security I would like to - I am pretty happy! Properly medicated - and you think I'm kidding! :) But really, I have gotten to that place where I like myself just fine. I accept the stupid things I've done, realized I've made mistakes, but I've also done good things, been a kind person, and experienced much joy.

So what if my daughter says I'm going to be a crazy cat lady!? I have 4, 2 of which she single-handedly talked me into so how she can be the one to throw stones - I don't know!

Into my 40's already and never having done any crafts at all - I started weaving pot holders. Yes, the old fashioned kind with the loops on a metal loom. I was sort of working through some difficult emotions at the time and I made pot hold after pot holder after pot holder. When I had a big box full - I decided I needed to move on to the next thing.

I bought "Knitting for Dummies" and proceeded to knit some scarves, and then a few more. Wasn't really for me. But I DO have a lot of yarn - I tend to collect things. After that it was quilting, which I really do plan to go back to since I gathered enough fabric to make quilts for my family and the neighbors family and probably a few more families besides. Plus I have a quilt that just needs binding - collecting cat hair and dust, just waiting to be finished.

Nothing has satisfied quite like beading. I'm not even sure how I started - but once I did - I couldn't stop. Now I have so many beads I simply HAVE to sell some of the things I make because I have no use for all of it and no place to keep it either. Besides, it's in the making of it that I get my satisfaction. You never saw anybody get quite so excited about leopard skin jasper or soo chow jade as I do! I am quite attracted to the stone beads the most, and like those big chunky focal beads and building something around them. What fun! For me anyway!

I had a boyfriend for a long time who used to complain that I wanted too much of his time, I needed a hobby, something I liked to do. Well now I have a hobby and I don't have him and I tell you what - I like this MUCH better!!! ;) It's a win win situation as far as I'm concerned!

Have a wonderful day!