Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh it just figures!

I was puppy sitting for my daughter and her husband one afternoon and as children and pets often do - Rue led me to meeting one set of neighbors.  They are young, very nice (thank the good Lord) and knew some things about my house that I didn't.  Apparently the people who lived here before me were .. wait for it ... HOARDERS!  Which is why, apparently, they gutted the house and did a big do-over on the inside before I bought the house.

Not my house. (at least I don't think it is!)
My neighbors said they felt bad about how - they saw the elderly gentleman sitting on the deck in the evenings, but they had no idea what was going on inside.  As if they should have!  I mean really.  They moved in next door to an older couple who had lived here forever.  The woman died not too long after they moved in (I think) and then it was the old man.  Different generations, different lives.  

It was when he passed away that there was an estate sale, so-to-speak, and they saw inside.  They didn't give me a lot of details, I will definitely ask more questions when I know them better, but I guess it was bad.  They also saw the difference when the workers were done rehabbing the house and they were amazed at what had been done.  

I love hearing the history, I guess it's a kind of gossip - but this is MY house now and I want to know all about it.  Hoarders.  I mean really, it figures.  

I think I need to get rid of some more stuff.  Just sayin'.



Cindy said...

Imagine, you'd a think. I'll have to go back and see earlier posts to see if you posted pictures of the house. Funny how the response to hearing "hoarders" has a clean out too.

Lady Banana said...

There was recently a TV series about hoarders. It was really fascinating to see how people lived in just a 2 foot square of space while "stuff" occupied the rest of the entire house.

It horrifies me and I'm constantly having a clear out!