Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can you say 'ANGRY'???

There is an entire group of business people I wish would just throw themselves into the nearest erupting volcano.  They are the weight loss vultures.

Don't you love the commercials that say "don't try our product unless you have more than 30 lbs to lose" as if it will be too strong for someone with a measly 10 lbs to shed?  So you know it has to be great stuff!  What about the ones where they say "all you women with muffin tops.." oh my gosh, why don't they just pick the thing we're really self conscious about and play on it!?  

My favorite?  Don't try our product unless you actually need to lose 'body fat'.  Um .. okay.  What else would I want to lose?  Couch fat?  Sidewalk fat?  Another example of some jerk-a-saurus company implying that their product might be so strong that if you don't really NEEEEEEEED it, you shouldn't use it.  Like - it might make you TOOOOO thin!  As if any person who has struggled with weight thinks there IS such a thing.

When I hear someone say "if you have __ lbs to lose you may qualify for our free trial .."  as if they care how much you have to lose and will evaluate your eligibility, I want to vomit on my shoes.  On THEIR shoes.  Puh-lease! 

And what about the images?  Women go from morbidly obese to slim and sexy (God forbid we forget the 'sexy' implication) with a 6 pack just by taking the pills, drinking the potion, whatever it happens to be.  Cause you know, all those people who have 6 packs now - haven't worked really hard to get them at all!

Oh and don't forget the speed all these products work with.  Overnight you will see the weight just falling off!

Unfortunately the weight loss industry is so huge simply because there are so many of us out here that are vulnerable to finding that key that's going to work for us.  But if any of those pills and powders worked it would be the breakthrough of the century and would be touted by every health care professional in the world so it would be really nice if the people pushing all the crap out there would just stop.

Too bad they aren't nice.


Anonymous said...

They are not nice and I agree that the commercials are way out of bounds these days. I have managed to keep off the 20 pounds I lost with the help of pills my Dr prescribed and it took a lot of will power and work to keep it off this long (expecially with the holidays) I would love a magic poition that would give me energy, and make fat fall off. To bad there's not one. I know I will eventually gain all that back plus some, I already eat more and do less, it's an easy trap to fall into. But I am trying hard to make positive changes in my life and hopefully that will help keep me on track.

Teena in Toronto said...

Exercising and eating right are the only thing that will do it ... these products are all scams.

BetteJo said...

I know. But they play on people's insecurities and hopes. That's what makes me mad.

Lady Banana said...

Just like the wrinkle creams, potions and lotions, all a waste of time and money!

cindy said...

Thanks for screaming for me. I took 3 days to make that seaglass lamp and had a tv on in the background playing background noise so to speak. Anyway I couldn't believe how many one after the other commercials are all about weight loss. It is becoming a big industry and we need to be educated enough not to fall into the, "I'd love to look like that trap."

I'm not a great one to say as I have not stuck to anything for too long. I'd rather fall asleep in the evenings than do steps while my husband keeps me company by watching tv. What a life, ah. You Canadian, Ah! Ya and I'm fat and doing something about it, lol. I can't imagine our world in another 20 years.