Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blurring the tenses

It's no secret that my mom has an eye for the men. Young men, preferably. The first day at the nursing home a strapping young guy came into the room and announced he was there to take her for a shower. Me? I would have cringed. Her? Grabbed her nightgown off the bed, gave him a big smile and said "Okay! Let's go." And off they went.

Last night one of the young guys spotted a picture of her on the digital picture frame in her room. It was when she was young enough to still be a redhead but old enough to be a grandma. Actually she was in her early 50's.

The young guy stopped pushing her wheelchair halfway to the bathroom when the photo caught his eye.

"Is that you?!" Somewhat in awe ..

"Yeah, good lookin' gal I was, huh?" Big smile, beaming actually.

"Wow!!" He meant it too.

I'm sure that made her day. Because the one thing she always says is "The thing that's wrong with all these guys in the nursing home is ... ... they're all SO-O-O .. O-O-L-D!"

So a bit of admiration (even in past tense) from one of the young guys always brings the color back to her cheeks.

Can't blame her there!



Anonymous said...

You gotta love her spunk! LOL.

JenK said...

Ha! How cute!

She does look dang good in that picture.

Lady Banana said...

She looks wonderful in that photo, and how great it is she can still enjoy the attentions of a nice young man! :)

The Beading Gem said...

She sure is lovely in the photo!

Susannah said...

Your Mama sure does have spunk! What a beauty!