Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let your nail polish be your guide

Taking days off work is a wonderful thing. Having enough time in at work to take a lot of time off is an even better thing. I took Thursday off just because, and Friday because I always take September 11th off.
Thursday my BF came over to spend some time with me and help with some outdoor chores. YAY BF!

But before he got there I went to have my oil changed. My car gets treated nicer and nicer the older it gets. I needed to have my transmission flushed too, or my transmission fluid flushed, or - whatever. I had never had it done and the recommendation is every 15,000 miles. Um, 54,000 miles without it? Oops!

So I had that done and the fluid still
wasn't a pretty color like it's supposed to be. So I had it done again. I told the guy "well at the risk of being the silly female, shouldn't the color be closer to my nail polish?" If the first flush didn't take out all the nasty sludge and ugly stuff, shouldn't I have it done again? Well, the guy wouldn't actually recommend what I should do but after determining I wasn't going to get charged double to have it done again, I had the re-do done. The guys in there said they had never had anyone try to get their transmission fluid to match their nail polish before. Silly boys! It's as good as any method THEY have!

I got home to find the front bushes almost done being trimmed. In the end there was a whole pile of clippings and some tree sprouts to get rid of so my BF decided to burn them. He pulled all of it around the back of the house and loaded a lot of it into the outdoor fireplace he got me just for that purpose.
We came into the house where BF showered and then we were deciding what to eat for dinner when I saw a police car driving by. Slowly. It turned around and came back and next thing I knew there was a police officer walking up my driveway. Never something I want to see if the truth be told.

Apparently one of my lovely neighbors called the police because I was burning leaves. You're kidding, right? I told the officer we were burning branches that had leaves ON them, but - it's not fall - we weren't burning leaves per se. She told me that it's not against our city ordinances to burn branches, or sticks, but you are not allowed to burn leaves. Hmmm. She said she just had to tell me, took my name and phone number and then went and sat in her car for about 10 minutes, probably checking for wants or warrants. Lol!! For me?

So ladies always remember your transmission fluid should be a nice shade of pink - not quite red, and never brown. If it's not a shade you would wear on your nails - have your transmission fluid flushed.
Or your transmission. Or whatever. And if you're going to burn branches in my neighborhood, strip the leaves off first. Oy.


Lavender said...

LOL nailpoilsh! LOL leaves! Well good for you cause if its going to be changed, then it SHOULD be a pretty colour LOL
LOVE that fireplace BJ, double hooray for BF!!

Lady Banana said...

Errrr... at the risk of sounding silly, why are you not allowed to burn leaves?

BetteJo said...

I'm not sure anymore Lady B. When I was a kid everybody used to rake leaves in the fall and burn them. After a while some cities and towns banned the practice and honestly I think it was an early attempt at curbing "air pollution." The ordinances are different from town to town and I have no idea why burning sticks is okay!

The Beading Gem said...

I think the no leaves ban is because the leaves are so light, the wind could blow them away whilst they are still glowing and ignite something else like the neighbour's house!

Just outside our city, we have had two bad forest fires (burnt down 10 houses) in the past two years due to careless individuals.

BetteJo said...

You just be right Pearl. Leaves do blow away pretty easily!

Bev's Jewelry said...

My husband agrees with Pearl. He adds that usually branches are dead when burned or in the fall after leaves are off the trees. he also added that our town allows burning with a permit but 25 feet from any building. That eliminates a lot of people from burning - small lots.

What if you like red nail polish?

Susannah said...

...took her 10 minutes to get a copy of your rap sheet...